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Homemade Pizza's & Calzones!

Instead of ordering out expensive takeout, try making some homemade pizza's or calzone's tonight with Albanese's Finest Pizza Sauce! You won't believe the zip our pizza sauce gives to your homemade pizza!

They're easy to make and fun for the whole family!

1) Stop out to your local grocery store/deli and grab some pre-made dough

2) Pre-heat oven (grill) to 350

3) If using pizza stone, add corn meal underneath dough to help slide onto stone

2) Sprinkle flour on flat cookie sheet or large cutting board

3) Roll out dough to desire crust thickness

4) Spoon on Albanese's Finest Pizza Sauce

5) Add shredded mozzarella

6) Add desired toppings

7) Bake for 15-20 minutes - It's that easy!

8) If making calzone or pepperoni bread, roll out dough add toppings, don't add sauce yet...

9) pinch all the edges together tightly

10) after baking, cut, dip pieces into Albanese's Finest!


Pepperoni Bread!

Pizza Pocket!


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